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A family story

It all began back in 1924, at the foot of the Parma hills,

with dry fields, a well, and a man named Italo Borrini. With a deep connection to the soil and a flair for entrepreneurship, he was not a great believer in luck or fate. In order to be successful, he knew that he had to roll up his sleeves.

While drilling a well to find water for his crops, he discovered a spring containing chlorides, bromides and iodides gushing from 64 metres below the ground. Although it was not much good for farming, Italo was fascinated by the rich mineral water, and decided to do his own research to understand its true value. And thus the Terme di Monticelli was born: from luck, instinct, willpower and determination.

After securing his right to use the spring, Italo Borrini built a small facility to test its potential. The experiment worked, and he set out to create a larger centre that could serve the citizens of Parma. Italo embarked on a tireless search for other springs, carried out new studies, and fine-tuned his expansion project. In just under two years, everything fell into place, and the Terme di Monticelli opened on 15 May 1927: an Art Nouveau jewel in a large historic park. This new adventure was built around two core concepts: wellness and hospitality. Even today, four generations later, the Borrini family still strongly believes in the therapeutic power of spa treatments, the value of hospitality, and the balance between tradition and innovation.

Welcome to a special place where you can heal your body and mind, rediscovering a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

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