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Food Valley

So many mouth-watering itineraries to celebrate the culture of food in Parma and its surroundings.

Museum of Prosciutto di Parma

The rooms of the former Foro Boario house the museum dedicated to Parma Ham PDO. This is in Langhirano, a village in Val Parma, home to some of the biggest ham factories and the annual Parma Ham Festival. From the selection and cutting of pork to salting, ending with maturing: if you want to know how this masterpiece is born, this is the one museum you can't miss! The grand finale is the tasting room and the museum shop.

> 20 km from Monticelli Terme

Museo del Salame di Felino

The eighteenth-century cellars of the Castello di Felino are the setting of this museum dedicated to Felino Salami PGI. In its premises you can learn about the processing of salami, and the tools and secrets of this sausage made in the first hills of the Baganza Valley.

> 20 km from Monticelli Terme

Museum of Tomato

In the spaces of the Corte di Giarola, a few kilometres from Parma, in an area historically dedicated to the cultivation and transformation of tomatoes, is an exhibition route in honour of the red gold, exported all over the world. The museum traces the history, workmanship and curiosity of tomato cultivation.

> 25 km from Monticelli Terme

Parmigiano Reggiano Museum

The museum is located in Soragna, in the shadow of the Rocca Meli Lupi, in the Corte Castellazzi, an ancient tollhouse of the nineteenth century. The educational path illustrates the secrets of cheese making, with documents, photographs, machines and tools for processing milk. One corner is dedicated to the advertising campaigns of the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano. You can also enjoy cheese tasting and possibility of purchase at the end of your visit.

> 30 km from Monticelli Terme

Strada del Culatello

A 90-kilometer route winds through the Bassa Parmense; it passes from Zibello, the main town of Culatello, and in the other seven municipalities of the PDO area. In these lands, the winters are long, cold and foggy and the summers are torrid and sunny: these are the conditions that allow perfect seasoning of the pork legs. This is how the true and unique Culatello di Zibello PDO is born.

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