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Set in a historic park, this state-of-the-art centre is a haven for research and innovation.

It is the ideal place to rediscover your sense of wellness, from health and beauty to inner harmony. The Terme di Monticelli is waiting to welcome you with a personalised wellness pathway and first-rate health and beauty treatments. The thermal waters of Monticelli – rich in sulphur and chlorides, bromides and iodides – are a valuable tool for health and everyday wellness.


Yet another commercial operator has released an advertising campaign using the term "HOT SPRINGS" (TERME) in an ambiguous context, referring to services that are wholly unrelated to spa treatments and services, as identified by Italian Law no. 323 of 2000.

Federterme, the organisation representing Italian hot springs, part of Confindustria, has once again called on the authorities to monitor the improper use of "HOT SPRINGS" – a term protected by the aforementioned law – and recommends that all users carefully check that spa services are provided by qualified professionals in accordance with the legal requirements.

Federterme has also expressed its concern at the increase in advertising messages that make improper use of the term "HOT SPRINGS" in order to promote facilities that actually provide cosmetic services, water parks with no hot springs, and general wellness centres, often wrongfully combining "HOT SPRINGS" with other terms or the company name.

Many companies are thus trying to evade the rules that govern the operation and quality requirements for Italian hot springs, creating confusion among users.

To protect the users of Italian hot springs, celebrated around the world for their traditions, water quality and guaranteed level of service, we must reiterate that the term "HOT SPRINGS" can only be used by centres that possess of the ministerial and regional authorisations referred to in Law no. 323 of 2000, which can be verified at each authorised centre. | 06.8419416 | 3357698216

Rome, 20 November 2019


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