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What you can do besides the baths


It is one of the most surprising cities of art in Northern Italy.

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Castles of the Duchy

One day is not enough to discover them all. In the lands of the ancient Duchy of Parma and Piacenza

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Verdi's Land

The journey starts at the small hamlet of Roncole, home to the birthplace of Guiseppe Verdi

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Food Valley

So many mouth-watering itineraries to celebrate the culture of food in Parma

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Near the Terme di Monticelli you can practice all the sports you want. Need some ideas?

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The first stop is Parma. Its historic centre is teeming...

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Fidenza Village

For the most unbridled shopping, go to Fidenza Village, the outlet...

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Reggio Emilia

The green, white and red Italian flag was born in this city.

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The saying andare a Canossa was born here, after the forgiveness requested by the emperor Henry

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