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Verdi's Land

The journey starts at the small hamlet of Roncole, home to the birthplace of Guiseppe Verdi, now declared a national monument and open to the public.

A few steps away, the Church of San Michele Arcangelo: the future Maestro was baptized here.

The next stop is Busseto, the small capital of the Verdian Lands. Piazza Verdi overlooks the shops and cafés of the village as well as the thirteenth-century Fortress, the Town Hall and the theater dedicated to the composer - it was inaugurated in 1868 with the representation of Rigoletto. In the central Via Roma there are two residences linked to the life of Verdi. Casa Barezzi was the home of Antonio Barezzi, a shopkeeper passionate about music and benefactor of the future Maestro - the house holds several Verdi memorabilia. At Palazzo Orlandi Verdi lived with his second wife, the soprano Giuseppina Strepponi, and here is where he composed some of his most famous works, including Rigoletto and Luisa Miller.

Just outside Busseto, in the residence of Villa Pallavicino, you can visit the Giuseppe Verdi National Museum. A historical journey celebrates the Verdi culture and the works that have immortalised the composer's name all over the world. Last stop of the trip is Villa Sant'Agata, kept near Villanova sull'Arda, in the province of Piacenza, which is just a few minutes from Busseto. This is where Verdi lived most of his life. In the house, which is only partially open to the public, the Maestro's heirs still reside.

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