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Healing water

The waters that flow from the depths of the earth are enriched with precious elements, helping to heal the body and mind. The Latin phrase "salus per aquam", meaning health through water, reflects our need to return to the source to find healing and restoration.

What is harder than rock, or softer than water?
Yet, soft water hollows out hard rock.  

Thanks to their healing and relaxing properties, the waters of Terme di Monticelli – with sulphur and chlorides, bromides and iodides – have the power to change lives.

Rich in precious elements, they stimulate our bodies to keep them functioning correctly, and are particularly effective for treatment, prevention and rehabilitation. Each type of mineral water boasts unique therapeutic properties by virtue of the elements it contains.


Sulphurous waters

A valuable asset for inhalation and skin health, these waters also support the digestive system.
Classified as medium mineralised, they contain sulphides, sulphates and hydrogen sulphide. They act on the mucous membranes to trigger vasodilation. Sulphurous waters can offer many pharmacological benefits: promoting skin keratinisation; counteracting anaphylaxis and catarrh in the mucous membranes of the respiratory system; and providing antispasmodic and laxative effects for the digestive system.
They also help to maintain the neurovegetative balance; support the health of the articular cartilage; and metabolise urea, lipids (especially cholesterol), creatinine and sugars.

Chemical-physical characteristics
Sulphate ion 59.8mg/l
Hydrometric grade sulphur 10.1mg/l
Hydrogen ion concentration pH 6.92
Specific electrical conductivity at 20° 803 µS/cm
Fixed residue 447mg/l
Hardness 39.4°F
Chloride ion 19.2mg/l
Magnesium ion 12.2mg/l
Potassium ion 5.50mg/l
Sodium ion 12.9mg/l


Waters with chlorides, bromides and iodides

The water at the Terme di Monticelli offers unparalleled relaxation and stress relief, boasting a high percentage of bromine and a remarkable saline concentration, three times higher than the sea.
Waters with chlorides, bromides and iodides offer both local and general pharmacological benefits. On a local level, they have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and mucous membranes, and are also antiseptic. The waters also help to counteract venous stasis. On a general level, the absorption of iodine and bromine compounds supports the body's natural defences. They also work to "regulate" ovarian function and stimulate thyroid function.

Chemical-physical characteristics
Iodide ion mg/l 40.8
Bromide ion mg/l 360
Sulphate ion mg/l 8.9
Sodium ion mg/l 26323
Calcium ion mg/l 5939
Chloride ion mg/l 70544
Magnesium ion mg/l 2315
Potassium ion mg/l 813
Hydrogen ion concentration pH 5.82
Specific electrical conductivity at 20° 128.3mS/cm



This practice is based on the healing properties of the water that surges from the depths of the earth.
Rich in mineral salts, it is three times more concentrated than seawater.
Each drop is brimming with "special ingredients" such as sodium, calcium, chlorides, magnesium, potassium, bromine and iodine. They help to counteract osteoarthritis, promote joint mobility, reactivate blood circulation, counteract cellulite and burn calories.

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